Program Benefits

Published: Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The GEAR Experience

Using only the materials listed, students have a limited time to design, build and test a robot that can accomplish the game objectives.  Along with the challenges of building the robot, students must also master a brand new game, and develop game winning strategy.

 During the construction time, students face challenges that everyday engineers and scientists face. Time management, conflict resolution and creative thinking are a critical part of the project.  If the team is pursuing the young engineers’ award, students must also generate a report detailing how the team used the engineering process to design and build the robot.

The program culminates with a day long competition where students get an opportunity to try their design and see how they compare to other teams. Besides the tournament winners, there are other awards given for most original design, creative use of materials, and other awards.


Student Benefits

  • Fosters creative thinking.
  • Increases understanding of scientific and engineering principles used in the design process.
  • Students learn valuable skills (time management, critical thinking, etc.) needed in the real world.
  • Provides instructors with a forum where students can learn how classroom lessons apply to real world challenges.

The Final Outcome

It is vital that today’s youth understand how science and technology are shaping the world of tomorrow. The future of our country’s economy will depend on a skilled and technologically literate workforce.  GEAR is an excellent vehicle for achieving this goal.

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