Our Mission

In today’s world, science and technology are at the forefront and are a major driving force in our economy. It is vital that students understand how these fields help shape the world. The answer to today’s problems (medical, environmental, technological, etc.) will be solved by the next generation of scientists and engineers. College enrollment trends in the U.S. indicate that there is a significant drop in students enrolling in engineering, science and technology related fields. Research indicates that students perceive these fields as too difficult and involves extensive course studies. GEAR was created in order to foster interest among school aged (mainly primary schools) students in the fields of engineering and science. More importantly we want to show our youth that these fields can be a fun and rewarding career option.

The challenges are designed to make students think at a higher level and show them how everyday math and science apply to the real word in the relative safety of a classroom lab environment. Throughout the challenge students are exposed to various aspects of design and engineering principles, as well as, gain valuable time management, team leadership, and problem solving skills. Critical thinking and conflict resolution also play a major role

It is vital that today’s youth understand how science and technology are shaping the world of tomorrow. After all the future of our country’s economy will depend on a skilled and technologically literate workforce.


First young Engineers Award

First Young Engineers Award Recipients (May, 2004 )

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